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We are students of Cecilia Music School.
We are musicians and friends.
Together, we are amazing!

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We Know How to Make Learning Fun For Kids

Music has a direct positive effect on a person for the better. Music reaches parts of the brain that other activities cannot.

Musical training can

  • improve long-term memory
  • lead to better brain development for those who start young
  • strengthen memory and reading skills
  • reduces stress and depression
  • improve a child’s social skills
  • develop discipline and self confidence
Our Students

Ensemble for 10th Anniversary Concert

Our students of all grades and ages will be performing at our 10th Anniversary Dinner Concert on September 2019. They are grouped in various ensembles, choirs and bands.


1) Be prepared for your lesson

– use washroom before lesson.
– wear proper attire, no mini skirts, no hot pants, no singlets, no jewellery.
– no mobile phones in the music room.

2) Come On Time

– if you are late, no extra time will be given due to schedules.
– wait until the music stop before you open the music room.

3) Respect your teacher

– wait quietly in the waiting room before your lesson starts.
– be courteous and greet your teacher.
– listen to your teacher and pay attention during the lesson.

4) Keep Clean

– no food and drinks in the music room.
– keep the music room and instruments clean.

5) Practice makes progress

– practice what you have learnt.


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